Rococo Research

XML Reader and Writer

  2. Code project LINQ to XML
  3. Write XML File
  4. Write XML with XMLWriter

NService Bus

  1. NService Bus Documentation
  2. Publish / Subscribe with nServiceBus tutorial
  3. Experimenting with enterprise level bus messaging
  4. Advanced Castle Windsor – generic typed factories, auto-release and more
  5. Install NServiceBus with Castle Windsor

Topself Windows Service

  1. Topshelf introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. Integrate Topshelf with Castle Windsor

Castle Windsor

  1. Adding Parameter
  2. Startable Component
  3. Quartz Integration
  4. Inject component to Quarzt Job

Batch Processing

  1. NHibernate Performance Insert
  2. Set Flush NHibernate
  3. Batch Insert using SqlBulkCopy
  4. SqlBulkCopy and Staging


  1. Getting Started
  2. Post, Put, Delete Method Example
  3. Getting more RESTFull Response
  4. Post with response data and response code
  1. Paging Generic List

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